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Another Happy Handstand Moment


“Nothing builds self-confidence and self-esteem like accomplishment.” -Thomas Carlyle

Last night after yoga I hung around to work on handstand (as usual). This time I was kicking up to the wall and on my third or fourth time, I found that sweet spot where I was totally balanced with nothing touching the wall. I just kept holding it. And it felt so awesome. I yelled to Jacklyn to look and when I came down, she said, “Oh my gosh you held it for several seconds!”

I think it’s funny that I always want someone else to witness my progress. Like I need to have validation from someone else that I actually did it. It is enough do it on my own all alone, but it’s so much more fun when someone else sees it. Ha!

I neglected to write about my session with Julie a couple of weeks ago. I took off work on a Friday to work on my rehab book and to work on handstand. I went to the 9:00 am yoga class and then Julie stayed after to give me pointers. Her big tip was to work on pressing into my hands more and shifting my weight forward to eventually make it into a handstand press. I don’t feel like I’ll ever press up (although I do believe it may some day be possible), but I think working on it is helping my overall handstand so I’ll keep trying.

It’s a long, long, road on this handstand journey — sometimes curvy and a little bit bumpy, but the trip so far has been well worth it.

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