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Day 1/155


Technically, this isn’t my first day ever of trying to do a handstand. I have been kicking up against a wall for about five years now. However, I haven’t made a commitment to kicking up in the middle of the room until today (well, I started telling people yesterday) which makes it a little frightening to put it out there to the universe that I want to do this before my next birthday on August 11th. I mean, what if I try and try and give it my all and I’m still not successful?

But what if I try and try and I do it? Don’t I always tell my yoga students that you’ll never do it if you don’t try? You may never do it trying, but you’ll for sure get better at it and you’ll for sure never do it if you don’t. So I’m hoping my blog will help hold me accountable and keep my trying even on the days that I don’t feel like kicking up one more time. If I tell people I’m going to do it and blog to the world (not that I think the world is watching) that does make me a little more committed to making it happen.

Today I practiced floating first, then I kicked up at the wall several times. Then I called fellow yoga instructor Julie (who can do a handstand away from the wall) and asked if she’d help me on this journey. She said yes. So now I’m even more committed. 155 days until my birthday.

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