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Finding Euphoria — with a Handstand


eu-pho-ri-a: elation, dreamland. A state of intense happiness and self confidence.

I’m pretty sure I would be incredibly wealthy if I could bottle and sell the euphoric feeling I get from doing handstands. That’s right — euphoric. And it’s not just euphoric at that moment. It doesn’t disappear when the handstand is over, or after I’ve walked downstairs and had breakfast. Nor does it leave when I’m at the office. It stays with me pretty much throughout my day and reappears as a little burst of joy every time I think about it.

It’s not something I feel the need to brag about to others in order to feel the euphoria, or that others even notice externally; but internally, I feel a boost of confidence when I remind myself that just that very morning, I did a handstand and held it for a few seconds. I’m smiling right now as I write about it. How can I not? What’s funny is that I didn’t know any of this would happen when I began my handstand journey. I wasn’t expecting the strength I would gain, the confidence I would feel, and the happiness that I would experience — just from doing a handstand.

But it’s not “just” from doing a handstand. It’s the great feeling you get from accomplishment. The feeling of satisfaction from seeing your hard work and effort pay off. The feeling of finally, after trying every day for seven years, and then realizing the effort wasn’t in vain, that you really can do something you set your mind to. That feeling, my friends, is euphoria — and it’s available to each and every one of us if we choose something that challenges us, and then cast aside fear and doubt and self-deprecating talk and find a way to make it happen.

In the video below, you can see my excitement. Pumping my arms in the air after holding for a few seconds, and apparently feeling so drunk from euphoria that I spin around in a circle, not quite knowing what to do with myself after this victorious moment. All this from a woman who never played competitive sports and previously had no idea what winning even felt like. I do now.

Choose your challenge. Make it your mission. Fall. Get back up. Do it again. And again. Observe your progress. Relish in your growth. Embrace the euphoria.

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