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Handstand Tour — Tulsa, Oklahoma!


“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” — Anonymous

When my father-in-law recently invited us to visit him in Tulsa, Oklahoma, my initial reaction was one of skepticism. What would we do in Tulsa, Oklahoma? More importantly, where would I do handstands in Tulsa, Oklahoma? A few Google searches later, however, and I was ready for a Tulsa trip. With a variety of sculptures, statues, murals, and just plain old strange stuff, I’m pretty sure Tulsa is the mother lode of sightseeing/handstand opportunities. Here are some of the highlights:

The Center of the Universe: This wasn’t the easiest handstand — the wind was blowing, the temperature was cold, and I was on a slight incline. However, I was pretty determined to kick up on this spot with the strange little phenomenon — if you stand in the middle and make noise, the sound is amplified back several times louder. Even if you’re not handstanding!

Interactive arches (downtown): According to Google, they’re interactive sculptures by Chris Wollard that light up at night. Also perfect for handstanding during the day!

The Golden Driller: Standing in front of the Tulsa, Expo Center, this guy is 75-feet tall (making him the sixth-tallest statue in the U.S. The Golden Driller weighs more than 43,000 pounds, has an estimated shoe size of 393DDD, and is definitely worth seeing!

Route 66: Route 66 is probably the most famous highway in the U.S., and Tulsa celebrates this iconic roadway with numerous historical markers. Just about every business along this route had a neat vintage sign or statue. According to, nearly 30 historical markers accompany Route 66 in Tulsa. I picked the Route 66 Arch for my handstand, but there is so much more to experience!



Buck Atom Space Cowboy: Yet another tall statue you don’t see every day — this one along Route 66. Buck Atom is literally part cowboy (cowboy hat and boots) and part spaceman (bubble helmet and spaceship), measures 21-feet tall, and stands in front of the Cosmic Curios store. Perfect for fun photos!

Praying Hands – Oral Roberts University: Another giant sculpture to behold, the praying hands are 60-feet tall, and consist of more than 30 tons of bronze. The hands are at the main entrance of the university, welcoming visitors to the campus.

Various murals: I love finding fun murals for handstands and Tulsa has plenty! I was a teensy bit disappointed in the post card mural as it’s pretty small and on the side of a building surrounded by a fence, but many of the others were worth finding — including a random mural on the side of Bird’s Liquor & Wines┬áthat was quite fabulous.

The Blue Whale of Catoosa: This random attraction (I say random because it’s an 80-foot-long blue whale happily set in the middle of a pond and totally off the beaten path) is a short drive outside of Tulsa on Route 66. The blue whale took two years to build (buy a man who thought it would be fun for his grandchildren) and was completed in 1972. So fun for photographs!


This little synopsis didn’t include the casinos, museums, restaurants, along with more signs and historical markers on Route 66. Even if you’re not handstanding, Tulsa is worth the trip!

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