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Handstanding at Horseshoe Bend & Antelope Canyon


“To touch the earth is to have harmony with nature.” — Native American proverb

It’s hard to pick a favorite place from our trip to Arizona, but I loved that I was able to handstand at Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon!

You may not have heard of the bend or the canyon, but chances are, you’ve seen them — in ads, screensavers, and Google Earth images. Both locations popped up when we did an online search of things to see in Arizona, and we decided to add an extra day to our trip for the opportunity to experience this beautiful scenery.

Horseshoe Bend: Other than parking, there’s no fee to experience Horseshoe Bend. The trek to the bend is about a mile and a half, making comfortable walking shoes a must — and pack water if you’re there during warmer months. The walk is itself doesn’t have much of a view, but upon reaching your destination — WOW!

To say the view is spectacular is an understatement. I actually found it overwhelming trying to take in the amazing scenery. The cliff, Colorado River, horseshoe shape, and natural colors, are almost sensor overload. So thrilled to find a relatively safe spot for handstanding with a view in the background!

FYI the lookout point has guard rails, but the trail does not, and neither do the boulders on the sides. Hike and take selfies with caution!

Antelope Canyon: It’s pretty amazing to think that nature took sandstone and made it into this breathtaking tourist attraction! Antelope Canyon is yet another place in Arizona where I found myself constantly oohing and ahhing. The tour is about an hour and does require some step climbing and a few “watch your head” moments — but nothing strenuous or precarious. I want to mention that while the sandstone patterns are simply gorgeous, some of the colors you see in pictures are from camera filters, not the canyon itself. But still — add this one to your list!

Upper and lower tours are available and a Navajo guide is required. We opted for lower, but my understanding is that they’re comparable. Get your tickets in advance — especially during warmer months!  The guides are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful with photography. No videoing allowed, but you can snap stills as often as you like — and that will be often!

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