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How Planking Can Help with Setbacks!


“The comeback is always greater than the setback.” — therandamvibez

It’s a fact of life that we all encounter setbacks. Maybe the setback is due to illness or injury or personal loss. But we have to keep in mind that setbacks are temporary. In fact a setback is defined as “a delay in progress”. Notice the word delay. ┬áNot an end. Nothing final. A delay.

Setbacks can be extremely discouraging — especially if you were on a roll and making real progress — and it’s when we’re at our lowest that we often manage to turn them into excuses. That’s when setbacks become a problem — and we hear ourselves saying things like, “I was holding plank for a minute until [fill in blank] happened five years ago and I never got back to it.”

Yes, they push things back a bit, and can make us feel like we’re starting over; but that’s where determination comes in and gets us back on track! Remember the determination you used to get you where you were before the setback? Was that determination only for when things were going well?

Don’t let your setback be your defining moment. Make a comeback!

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