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How to do Shiva Pose!


Shiva pose is a toughie! I didn’t even know about Shiva until I saw it on Instagram and decided to try it. I love that it requires flexibility, strength — and being open to new challenges! Prep poses include Elephant and Compass.

If you’d like to try it:

  1. Start from a seated position.
  2. Bring a leg over your shoulder
  3. Place hands flat on the floor next to hips
  4. Lift hips
  5. Straighten upper leg

Note: I’ve seen this pose with a flat foot and with the heel up. I found the heel up to be much more accessible. Also, you need to be warmed up for this one! I waited until after a hot yoga class to try it.

Remember, the more you practice yoga, the stronger and more flexible you get!


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