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How to Get More Mileage Out of Your Wardrobe


“I’m a big fan of matching outfits in general.” — Clark Duke

Do you ever feel like you have a bunch of clothes in your closet that only go with one thing? Or that really don’t seem to go with anything?

Chances are, that really isn’t true. Just about everything in your closet can be worn multiple ways. Start with a blouse and jeans and then have fun with cardigans, pull over sweaters, and jackets! Sometimes, I even hold my blouse next to sweaters and jackets, just to see which one jumps out at me.

In the photos, you’ll see I started with a floral blouse and jeans and then added a cardigan. This gold colored cardigan is one I picked up several years to “go” with a particular outfit. At the time, I thought the color was one I’d never wear with anything else, but I have since worn it with numerous outfits. If it has just a touch of yellow or gold, it looks great with that cardigan!

I liked that look, but decided to tuck in the blouse, add a belt and the leather jacket — which was almost the same color as the cardigan. They’re both great looks, but the leather jacket makes it just a little dressier. And how about that color? A few years ago, I would have hesitated, wondering what I would wear it with (everything!), but I get compliments every single time I wear that jacket.

By accident, I noticed the red/pink sweater looked fabulous with the floral blouse peeking out underneath. Again, we’re not “matching” here, but it really does “go” together. I thought the brown bomber was perfect with this look!

Play around in your closet! Fashion should be fun!

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