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Nashville, TN Handstand Tour!


“Everybody now thinks that Nashville is the coolest city in America.” – Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl may be right — Nashville, TN really may be the coolest city in America! I feel fortunate that I’m within driving distance — even though there are almost always ridiculous delays getting there — but it’s totally worth any detours!

Nashville has so many fun sculptures, monuments, and murals that make for great handstand (or any photo) backgrounds — I really would have needed a few days to get everything. Here are my highlights:

Styx sculpture: This colorful sculpture is smack-dab in the middle of a roundabout and reminded me of pick-up sticks! It’s 70-feet tall and made of 27 wooden poles and was inspired by colors of Native American artwork. Luckily you can drive in circles and see all of it!

Musica Bronze Statue: This 38-foot-tall bronze statue is comprised of nine nude figures dancing in a circle on yet another roundabout. One of the things that caught my attention — and made it more appealing — in the description of this statue is that it was considered controversial at its unveiling. It is, however, very happy and the figures seem to be smiling at you!

What Lifts You Angel Wings: This fun mural is in a downtown alley (don’t worry — the area is safe) and there are almost always other people taking photos with the wings. Painted by Kelsey Montague, this mural is beautiful, interactive, and a great photo opportunity!

AT&T Building: My sons call this the Batman Building. In reality, it’s the tallest building in Tennessee and makes for fun photos. This view was from another sculpture known as Threshold. You can find it along the East Bank Greenway across from then Nissan Stadium.







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