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Springing Forward — One Watch at a Time


“Jewelry isn’t really my thing, but I’ve always got my eye on people’s watches.” — Clive Owen

It’s only twice a year, but it takes some time, you know, to set clocks forward and back — especially when you have 12 plus watches that also need to be adjusted. I wear them all regularly — some more than others — including three time pieces on chains that I occasionally wear around my neck. That’s because I love watches. Some might even describe it as a slight obsession. I’m not sure when this love affair started, but I have, for many years, been quite smitten with watches.

I have gold watches, silver watches, gold and silver two-tone watches, blue face, black face, even one with a green face. I haven’t made the leap to a Rolex, but I do own Timex, Fossil, Kenneth Cole, Citizens, and Guess — to name a few. I have a watch that’s appropriate for just about every outfit, occasion, mood, or whim. And I have favorites that I wear more than others: my illuminating silver watch that’s perfect for movies, concerts, or any nighttime event; my two Citizens watches that run on the power of lights and are sure to be my best friends in the event of a zombie apocalypse; my black Fossil bracelet style with stars in the background that was the first gift my husband bought me while we were dating.

Because I love watches so much, it’s surprising to me when I hear that some people never wear watches — or that they only own one. When I asked about watch wearing around my office, a co-worker said, “Why would I wear a watch? I use my phone.” Sadly, watch wearing is declining — mostly because of cell phones. In 1991, 750 million watches were sold worldwide, compared to 440 million in 2014 ( and 60% of 16-34 year-olds use their mobile device to tell time. ( Doesn’t that seem a little cumbersome to anyone else besides me? Do you really want to whip out your phone every time you need to check the time? Doesn’t it seem a bit rude to do a phone check while talking with someone else when all you’re really needing is a time check?

You won’t catch me doing that. I’m always wearing a watch. OK there are exceptions — showering, hot yoga, etc., — but other than that, I’m pretty much always sporting some sort of timepiece.  And occasionally my watch wearing comes to the aid of others. Recently, I was in a courthouse that did not allow cellphones, and at least three people approached me to ask what time it was because none of them was wearing a watch. (I was also the only one who had brought a book, and thus had something to occupy my time as we waited, while the rest of them tried to figure what to do with themselves without a cellphone, but that’s a subject for another post.)

I’m happy to report that I’m not alone in this passion for wristwatch fashion. I found numerous hashtags for watch fans on Instagram and the big name watch makers are still cranking out new models and styles. In his article, “7 Reasons Why People Who Wear Watches Are More Successful,” Bruce Harpham says watches are the perfect accessory with dress clothes and shows you have elegant style when you wear them. ( Granted, this is just one guy’s opinion, but I love that logic! And I love thinking I have elegant style simply because I wear a wristwatch.

It may take me a while to set them all forward in the spring and then back again in the fall, but it’s a small price to pay for elegant wristwatch fashion — and it’s worth every second.


My latest wristwatch acquisition: a Citizens black strap Eco-Drive. 

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