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Still Handstanding


“The only guy I have to beat is the guy I was last week.” -Sanjiv Kumar

I haven’t been writing about my handstands, but not because I haven’t been doing them. Every morning, I do at least five or six and then I try to do the same every evening. I also added some more ab strengtheners to my routine. Either plank drags (starting in plank and then dragging my feet across the floor and then going in reverse) or hanging ab curls on the pull up bar. My persistence and adding the abs seems to be helping. Now I actually do kick ups in the spare room upstairs and occasionally get some hang time.

It’s also pretty amazing to me that I can now start off with my feet on the wall and my hands on the floor and slowly, carefully, lift one leg at a time until I’m in a handstand away from the wall. This is a big deal because when I first started doing that drill/exercise/whatever you want to call it, I couldn’t bring one big toe away from the wall and keep my balance — let alone both feet and actually balance on my hands.

Yesterday, Brittany and I were playing around with handstands at the studio after our classes and I said, “Isn’t it amazing how something like a handstand can be so joyful. We’re not going to make more money from it, or get a better job, or post it on a resume. And yet it’s so fabulous to do it.” Again, it goes back to accomplishment. The reward is accomplishment. Knowing that if I try, try, try and work, work, work every single day, my handstand gets better and better and better.

And that means I am beating the girl I was last week.

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