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The Best Birthday Ever!


“The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” — Oprah Winfrey

Today is my birthday and it’s going to be the best birthday ever! Not because I’m taking a big trip (that happens when I turn 60) or having a big birthday bash (not that I know of anyway), nope, it’s the best birthday because it’s another birthday! My 58th birthday to be precise. 58 may not have any significance to the average person, but for me it’s every bit as important as my 48th, my 38th, and even my 18th. 58 marks one more year that I’m alive and able to keep doing “being alive” things on this earth. And I think that’s pretty darn special.

More than any other holiday, my birthday is about me and is my day to take the day off, do what I want, and celebrate me. My birthday is also a day of opportunity. While others look to New Year’s Day specifically as the time to make changes, my new year starts TODAY. Today is the day to look at who I am, what I’ve become, and assess what I might want to do differently. Assuming I live to be 80 (I don’t know why, but to me 80 seems like a pretty good number to hit), am I on the path to accomplishing what I want over the next 22 years? Do I need to reevaluate? The clock is ticking, but in a good way — we don’t need to stop it or rewind it, we just need to jump on that second hand and ride along with it, doing what gives us joy and makes what time we have here more meaningful.

Speaking of clocks, I get so excited about birthdays that I even set my alarm, and jump out of bed in anticipation — not for the cake or presents or singing of Happy Birthday (all of which are quite fabulous), for the privilege of getting up and celebrating this wonderful day that belongs to me. Can you tell that I truly feel joy in my heart? So it’s perplexing to me when I hear others complaining about their birthdays or saying they don’t want others to acknowledge it. How can you complain about the fact that you’re alive and able to see another day? Why wouldn’t you want to shout to the world that today is your day, dammit, and you want to hear “Happy Birthday” from every single person you encounter on this super duper day?

One of the things on my list today (besides doing handstands of course) is to pick up my free pair of Happy Birthday panties from Victoria’s Secret. (According to my email, I absolutely, positively, have to pick them up on my birthday and who doesn’t want a free pair of panties?) But don’t think I won’t use this as an opportunity to tell every single person I encounter at the mall what a great day it is. They may not know it — yet — but it’s my birthday, I’m 58, and that makes it the best birthday ever!

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Me doing a handstand — something else that makes me very happy!

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