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Week Four — Done!


“The harder the workout, the greater the feeling of accomplishment.” –

Last night I did my last workout in Week Four (which is actually Week 12 for me) and I laughed out loud when Kyle referred to it as “taking a break” and as “taking the gas off the pedal before Weeks Five and Six”. Is he kidding? Those belly Hollow Holds and Wall Walks just about killed me. It also made me very nervous about starting Week Five. If Four was a “break” is Week Five “going in for the kill”?

I’m sure he didn’t really plan on people taking 16 weeks to finish the program, but as I’ve mentioned before, between working full time, taking steroid packs (twice), muscle spasms, holidays, babysitting the grandchildren, and, well, ┬álife, it just wasn’t in the cards for me to complete one week at a time. I could have quit after not being able to keep up with the first week or two, (it would have been the perfect excuse right? “I couldn’t do it in six weeks, so I had to stop.” Whatever.) but I’m determined to do the whole thing no matter how long it takes me to do it.

I look back now at hard I thought it was to complete Week One (I actually thought of quitting!) and I know that Week Five will be hard, and I’ll probably cuss at Kyle a few times, and laugh out loud at his expectations, but I’ll do it. So what if it’s hard? That makes it more exciting when I’ve finished it. I’m already wondering what I’ll do next after I finish this. ┬áHe has more trainings….

Oh, and I held handstand at the wall for TWO MINUTES yesterday! Yes!!!

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