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Week Three (of Kyle’s program)


Last night I started week three of Kyle’s program. Yikes! I’m sore today and even have a little bit of a muscle spasm, but I lived to tell (or write) about it. Ha! Now the drills are longer (hollow holds are one minute!) and we did LOTS of handstands at the wall and kick ups. At one point I even laughed when he said we were doing tuck ups and then straightening our legs into handstand — I mean, if I could do that I wouldn’t need this program. 🙂 But I understand now why he includes these things. It’s like he’s always dangling elusive carrots elusive and that helps you see your progress in the carrots that seemed so difficult before that. And if you start trying to add things like straightening your legs, it makes the tuck itself seem more attainable.

My tuck ups are actually having a little more hang time. I try them every single time even though a lot of them are poopy, but as I get stronger, they get better. They still don’t look like his, but they’re better than when I first started. I held handstand at the wall for one minute THREE TIMES and that was before we did the different ways to kick up. What’s funny is that last night when I first kicked up, my feet didn’t touch the wall — I had to move my legs toward the wall. This is exciting because I take that as a sign that my body is slowly getting in the groove for balancing without the wall — and without me giving it a lot of thought before I kick up.

And to think I lived 50 years of my life without ever attempting a hand stand. I had no idea that I was missing out on so much.

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