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Where to Handstand in Bloomington, IN (Hint: Indiana University)


Known for its beautiful campus and Division I basketball program, Bloomington, Indiana also makes a nice backdrop for handstands. With list in hand (I always travel with some ideas for handstand locations), my friend Elaine and I recently made the two hour drive — and found a few unexpected spots. Here are the highlights:

The Indiana Arc — I called this the Big Red Circle — mostly because it’s really big, and red, and is circular. This giant aluminum sculpture was created in 1995 and sits outside the Eskenazi Museum of Art on the IU campus. (6 Things at IU You May Have Missed)

The Spirit of Indiana — This 4800 pound, close to 11-foot tall, bronze statue stands at the south end of Memorial Stadium. It features five young student athletes coming together in a huddle before taking the field of competition, signifying the concept of team over self. (Fan Nation) It’s like a giant high five in bronze!

The Space Between: Adam and Eve — These beautiful nude sculptures stand in the IU Arboretum, making for an interesting conversation piece — and fun place to handstand. They have been damaged and repaired at least twice — once from wind (heraldtimesonline) and another when Eve was sawed off at her ankles by thieves, and later recovered in a campus parking lot. ( I particularly love how Eve has her arm thrown up in the air as if to say, “Look at me, standing here, naked and unafraid!”

The Metz Carillon Bell Tower — This beautiful tower stands 128 feet tall, and has 65 bells with a total weight of 88 thousand pounds! ( I didn’t know anything about this tower before my handstand trip and was happily surprised when it chimed as I was handstanding in front of it!

Red Clocks — There are four of these on campus (we happened upon one). They’re red, of course, signifying I.U. colors, and according to a  Google search, they play the I.U. fight song at the top of every hour. ( This was another stumble-upon-it moment!

Sample Gates –– This is the most iconic entrance to IU and where students often take their first and last commemorative photos to mark their IU journey. ( The gates, constructed of Indiana limestone, stand as two welcoming pillars at the edge of Old Crescent, the historic site of IU’s first campus buildings built between 1884 and 1908. (

We Are Here Mural — Last stop on our Bloomington Handstand Tour! This fun little mural isn’t on the I.U. campus, but it was worth the side trip to handstand at Pizza X. We didn’t have time for pizza, but we were there, and we have the mural to prove it!

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