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Why I Still Dress Up — Even Though I’m not Working in an Office


“Every day is a fashion show and the world is a runway.” — Coco Chanel

It may sound a little goofy, but even though I quit my full time sales job, I’m still dressing up. Not every day, but frequently. And not because I can’t get out of the dressing up habit, or have a feeling of obligation to all the nice clothes I have in my closet; I dress up because I love fashionable clothes and because I want to dress up. Today, as I looked through my closet and reached for a pair of jeans, I was overcome with a desire to wear a skirt. Not a casual denim skirt, a nice pencil skirt. And I decided to pair it with one of my nice ruffled tops. Not a t-shirt or casual top — an “I feel confident running into just about anybody” top. Never mind that my only appointments today weren’t with clients — I was seeing the chiropractor and shopping for a stopwatch — I love fashion and I like dressing up. Even if I don’t have a particular occasion that requires it.

But wait, that’s not true. To me, every occasion requires it. And I require it. I could partly blame this on having a mother who instilled the mantra of “You can never be too dressed up”, but basically I like the way I look and feel when I’m dressed up. I like feeling polished, and pretty, and wearing fashionable clothes. I may not be seeing clients, but I am seeing myself. In the mirror. Every time I go to the bathroom, or walk through our foyer, or past a reflective window. I like when I catch a glimpse of myself and think, “You look nice today.” I don’t even need to hear it from anyone else (although compliments are always appreciated). I do, however, need to hear it from myself.

I used to think I dressed up because it was part of my job in advertising sales. In my opinion, it really is a good idea to put on fashionable/professional looking clothing and at least give the appearance of being successful when you’re asking for other people’s money (although not all sales people subscribe to that idea). I think it’s somehow reassuring for them to see that you took the time to present yourself with a more polished appearance and that you’re going to take the same amount of time to make sure their investment is used wisely. I know, that may be a stretch in some people’s eyes, and may not resonant with anyone else, but I personally wouldn’t want a disheveled professional handling my money. I mean, doesn’t the outward appearance speak volumes about what’s going on inwardly?

Regardless, I now know that I dress up because I like dressing up. I love feeling fashionable — even if my front hallway is my only runway. I like wearing nice slacks and cute dresses and coordinating them with heels and boots and fun accessories — regardless of where I’m going. And I’m going to keep dressing up — even if I don’t have a “job” that requires it. I require it for myself. It makes me happy. And that’s what really counts.

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