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Obsessed with Handstand Success


“Determination becomes obsession and then it becomes all that matters.” — Jeremy Irvine

This, my friends, is a moment of confession. A confession that handstands have now become my obsession. You may think this is an exaggeration (only if you don’t know me), but if you read the definition — “preoccupied with or haunted by some idea, interest, etc.” — you’ll begin to understand that what I have is indeed an obsession.

Allow me to present the evidence. I am most definitely preoccupied by the idea of doing handstands. I wake up early every morning to make sure I have time to practice before work, and then I try to find at least 30 minutes for handstands most evenings. Before we travel, I search the internet for potential handstanding photo opportunities (murals, statues, other great scenery), and then when we arrive at a hotel, I immediately eyeball the room to determine how/where I’ll find enough floor space for handstands. I drive by empty ferris wheels and think excitedly, “That would be a great place to handstand,” and on most days, I find myself living for my next handstanding opportunity.

It didn’t start as an obsession. It began as a fun idea, became a goal, blossomed into a daily habit, and eventually, evolved into a bit of an addiction. I kinda wish someone would have warned me that working on handstands would be more than a goal or mission, but I’m pretty sure I would have ignored their admonitions. I was handstanding for fun. I was in control. I was only doing one or two kick-ups a week. I could quit at any time. What harm is there in doing a few recreational handstands? Alas, I’ve found it impossible to keep handstands occasional.

But you’ll be hard-pressed to convince me that this obsession is actually a worrisome situation. My husband/handstand photographer/traveling partner may tell you otherwise, but in my opinion, my handstanding fixation has been an amazing positive in my life. I’ve challenged myself in my 50’s in ways I never imagined in my teens, 20s, 30s, or 40s. I’ve learned that with practice, persistence, and determination, I can overcome obstacles, and make things happen to achieve what were once seemingly unattainable goals. Even more important is the happiness and pure joy I’ve experienced from my handstanding accomplishments.

Obsessed? Yes. Maybe even a little possessed. But as a 58-year-old handstanding grandma, I’m feeling proud of my success.

Obsessed with handstanding -- everywhere!

Of course I’m handstanding in front of a Ferris wheel! Doesn’t everyone?


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