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Rest Day aka Mentally Preparing for Week 2


“Progress: You might not be were you want to be but you’re not where you used to be.” –Inspirational Quotes Gazette

Last night I did the final day workout from Week 1 again. I was still beating myself up about the Jump Tucks and decided I should try them one more time. Still didn’t nail them, but I was closer. I fretted over whether I should be moving on to week 2 without nailing the tucks but decided I probably wasn’t ‘the only one who couldn’t do them and since I was able to do everything else I should probably move on to the next section.

One of the other things I had struggled with was the tuck lifts where you start on your hands and knees and then lift your hips up coming onto your toes — with the tops curled down. The first few times I did that, my toes hurt so bad I had to come out during the second or third set. Last night, I held all three sets the entire time! Progress.

And then when I went to the page for the second week, Kyle acknowledged that the Jump Tucks were probably harder than the Scissor Kicks (which I was able to do the first time I tried them) but said not to fret as they would get better as we moved on through the course. Whew! It wasn’t just me. They’re just hard!

I still have those stupid doubts that creep in and tell me to quit, I’m never going to get it, just move on, and who’s going to care anyway? Me. I’ll care. I want to do a handstand dammit and I’m going to do it.

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