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Day 7/149


I skipped yesterday so in some ways this is day 6 of trying but it’s day 7 of the countdown, so that’s the format I’m going to follow. Since it’s my blog, I can technically do what I want. Ha!

I practiced yoga at the studio this morning and then worked on my handstand after. I wanted to show Gayle the exercise I’ve been working on — lowering and raising my leg– and wouldn’t you know that I kicked right up into handstand away from the wall! I mean, I was kicking to the wall, but I kicked up into handstand without letting my feet touch the wall for support! I was so shocked, that I forgot about doing the leg lowering thing and instead lowered my legs and then practically jumped up and down with excitement. How did that happen? Will it ever happen again? Of course it will! And now that I know I can do it, I want to keep doing it. Except that I don’t want to wear myself out and/or hurt myself in the process.

Anyway, I did show her the leg lowering thing (well, tried to show her the leg lowering thing) and she noticed that my back was arching too much. She showed me how to pull my ribs back to help alleviate that and had a few other suggestions as well. She also agreed that we have to take rest days or we risk hurting our shoulders and wrists. Done right though, we’re making ourselves so much stronger — and more confident. I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!

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