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Every day is different — and better.


“Consistent action creates consistent results.” — Christine Kane

Every day I attempt handstand, it’s a little different — sometimes I kick right up and feel really good about it, sometimes not so much — but even on the off days, I know I’m getting better and stronger. I started this handstand journey when I turned 50 in 2012. Prior to that, I wouldn’t even put my hands on the floor and try to kick up, so the fact that almost seven years later (my birthday is this coming Sunday) I can kick up without touching the wall and hold it for a second or two is a big deal.

Seven years later. I don’t think I’ve ever worked on anything my whole life for seven years without giving up. What makes handstand so different? I wish I had an answer, other than I simply love doing it and love seeing myself improve while I’m doing it. It’s a little bit scary — I have fallen a few times and thought for sure I’d ended my hardstanding adventures — but it’s also fun, exciting, and it makes me feel proud that I’ve done something I couldn’t do before. Truthfully, I never even did handstand as a child. And nowI’m doing it in my late 50s.

I’m finally feeling confident enough to post a video of my progress. My legs are flailing a bit and I can’t hold it very long, but it’s not bad for an almost-57-year-old grandma.

[wpvideo BxbXdYOG]

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