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Five Reasons to Treat Yourself to Great Hair!


“Invest in your hair. It is the crown you never take off.” —

I actually don’t consider great hair a “treat” — I think it’s a necessity — and worth every penny! Recently a woman complimented my hair and then went on to tell me how she highlights her hair at home because it’s so expensive at the salon. I disagree. Let’s say it costs $200 to have your hair highlighted (keep in mind that you’ve probably spent that much on a new outfit that you’re going to wear once a month), and you can go at least eight weeks between touchups. Break that down (I know this requires math) and that makes it $3.57/day for your fabulous hair! Or $2.85/day if you wait ten weeks. That’s a great return on investment!

If the math isn’t enough to convince you, here are five good reasons to treat yourself to great hair:

  1. Mood Booster – Walking out of the salon with great hair instantly puts you in a good mood!
  2. Confidence – Knowing your hair is healthy and stylish makes you feel more confident!
  3. Awesomeness – Great hair that complements your features makes you feel like a badass!
  4. Compliments – Getting a compliment on your hair makes you feel like you’re walking on air!
  5. Youthfulness – Keeping your hair healthy and well-maintained helps radiate a more youthful appearance — and will make your feel younger as a result!

Go ahead! Treat yourself!!!! BTW, I’m not a hairdresser, just a hair lover!

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