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Handstand Adventures: The Owensboro, KY Blue Bridge


What’s the big deal about handstanding on a bridge? Let me explain. The blue bridge connecting southern Indiana and Kentucky is normally exclusive to vehicles (about 8,500/day) — with no pedestrians allowed. Not only is there no sidewalk, there’s no shoulder; traversing the bridge on foot would truly be life threatening.

So when I heard it would temporarily be open to pedestrians for a few hours recently (it was closed to traffic due to an air show over the river), I immediately thought, “Handstand opportunity!” Keep I mind, I’ve driven across the bridge numerous times over the years, but this was my first time walking — and handstanding — on it.

Getting there was bit of an adventure. First of all, I was teaching yoga that morning which meant high-tailing it out of the studio as soon as class ended in order to make it to Owensboro, find parking, and then hoof it across the bridge for a handstand spot. Since the blue bridge was closed to traffic, that meant a 20-minute detour to the next available bridge (William Natcher Bridge), before I could even get there.

I probably drove a little faster than the speed limit, and might have parked illegally when I got there, but I was a woman with a mission, and was determined to make this handstand happen! Luckily my friend Elaine and I arrived with time to spare. I had pictured us running up the bridge with law enforcement folk yelling at us that the bridge was closing in 15 minutes, but such was not the case.

Instead, we were greeted by volunteers handing out waters and numerous people walking on the bridge. It’s not quite a mile in length, but still, I had wondered how many people would make the effort. I see why they did — actually standing on the bridge, rather than driving, provides an amazing view not available from most vantage points. Because of the crowds, we did have to pause occasionally to avoid hitting anyone during kick ups, and to give Elaine room for a few panoramic shots, but overall the other bridge walkers were polite and occasionally applauded my efforts.

This is another example, though, of how handstands have broadened my horizons. I never would have made the effort to drive out of my way on a Saturday morning to walk across the bridge if I didn’t have the goal of handstanding on it. I would have heard about it on the news, thought it would take too much time and trouble, and never given it a second thought. Thanks to handstands, however, I’m taking advantage of unexpected opportunities and creating memorable — upside down — experiences!

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