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My Top Two Tips for Yoga Instructors!

  1.  Learn your students names! (This one is the hardest for me.)
  2. Give genuine compliments!

I’ve learned a lot in the 20+ years I’ve been teaching yoga, but I believe these two tips are essential! 💁‍♀️

Calling students by their first names makes them feel important and appreciated, and helps you make a greater connection. I confess, more than four new faces at a time sometimes throws me off the name game, but I still make the effort! 😅

Compliments — when genuine — boost self-esteem, and self-confidence. I once had a student tell me the compliments she received in the Yoga room were sometimes the only ones she’d get all week! 🥹 I try to find at least one compliment for everyone in the room.

Think about how good it makes you feel when someone remembers your name or gives you a compliment! ❤️ Try these two tips in your next class and let me know if you notice the difference in how YOU feel after class! 🤗

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