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Week Two of Week Three


“There is no failure except in no longer trying.” — Elbert Hubbard

That heading probably sounds a little confusing, but on average it’s taking me about two weeks to complete one week. Today was the second week of working on Week Three. Sigh. It was really discouraging to me that it’s taking me so long to complete each week, but it is what it is. And it’s not like I give up because I can’t do each week in a timely manner. I wonder if other people take as long as I do? Or maybe they give up after Week One or Two?

What’s funny is that when I did the first day of Week Three last week, it seemed so much harder than it did tonight and that’s how I remember it — as being really difficult. The bummer was that I woke up the day after my first day of Week Three with a terrible muscle spasm in my upper left shoulder and every time I attempted a handstand, it made its presence painfully known. Ouch! So I had to back off for several days to let that heal/get better/work itself out. Let me just say that it’s really hard to make yourself do a handstand when you’re wincing in pain every time you kick up.

And then I taught yoga every single night last week which took up time that I would have used to work on hardstanding (if my shoulder hadn’t been hurting). My hip is still not fully recovered, but I’m not waiting on it. It’s much better and doesn’t keep me from doing a handstand, so I’m moving on. I could use either of those ailments as an excuse to quit working on the Six Week program, but I refuse to do that. I really really really really want to do this — even if it takes six months. 🙂

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