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Day 2/154


Today I watched a video from yoga instructor and handstand expert Shana Meyerson. Julie said her videos had been helpful when she was working on handstand and recommended I give them a try. Today’s installment was kicking up against the wall and then reaching one leg to the sky while slowly lowering the other leg to parallel and then back up again. Yikes! Was that hard! So hard that I didn’t quite do it but I tried it a few times on both sides and did get a little better each time. I’m guessing that’s what I’ll be doing for the next few days before moving on to something else.

Truthfully though, I have come a long way. Before turning 50, I wouldn’t even try to do a handstand. I remember going to workshops where they’d say, “OK, let’s go to the wall and work on handstand” and I’d say, “Not me thanks” and observe the others as they tried to kick up. I don’t remember doing handstands as a kid. I could do a cartwheel and a roundoff, but aside from one summer when I was determined to do a back walkover and finally gave up, I’ve never had any physical activity or inversion that I’ve given much thought or effort.

I’m not sure why I finally decided I was ready to work on handstand but I went about it methodically. I read articles and attended workshops and found myself gradually progressing as I built up my confidence and my upper body strength. You do need to be strong to hold yourself up on your hands. I started in down dog with my feet against the wall, walking my legs up as I pressed my hands into the floor. I was shaky at first, but eventually I grew stronger and would face the wall occasionally as I kicked up. For some reason after that, I got into a comfort zone and quit trying to go further. Enough of that business — it’s time to keep movin’ on.

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